Beard Green by Beard Vape

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Beard Green by Beard Vape - E-Juice Corner
Facial hair Vape Co's. Green E-Juice has a clear flavor profile that will make vapers experience passionate feelings for at first puff. The mix includes a base of sweet melon that tastes simply like a new cut of a honeydew melon. This vape juice counterbalances the natural product enhance with a thick and velvety custard taste that mixes flawlessly. The melon and custard flavors merge well together from breathe in to breathe out with Green E-Liquid, giving you a flavor encounter that tastes substantially wealthier than a hunk of honeydew heaped high with whipped cream. Thick vape mists improve the rich wantonness in this maximum VG vape juice, which is made with a VG/PG mix of 80/20. Cloud chasers can do some wild traps with that much vapor and the serious flavor is flawless in case you're dribbling as well.

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