OOOFlavors E-Juice * Blue Razz * ICE


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OOOFlavors E-Juice * Blue Razz * ICE

OOOFlavors E-Juice * Blue Razz * ICE

Everyone’s favorite summer staple that turns your tongue blue and makes your brain freeze since 1970! The most epic blue raspberry frozen beverage. Ever wonder why it’s so damn good? This bizarre tasty fruit better known as white bark raspberries are sweet, tart and full of sweet candy taste.


We pride ourselves in the quality of products we offer. We use nothing but the best ingredients to create great tasting flavored e-juice!

We are confident you will not be disappointed look forward to your feedback!

Made in the USA

PG/VG Content: 10 PG 90 VG

Diacetyl Free

No Food Coloring

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